Manifesto of the European Ambassadors for Creativity and Innovation

March 26, 2010

The Manifesto of the European Ambassadors for Creativity and Innovation has been released, setting seven key priorities for creativity and innovation in Europe:

  1. Nurture creativity in a lifelong learning process where theory and practice go hand in hand.
  2. Make schools and universities places where students and teachers engage in creative thinking and learning by doing.
  3. Transform workplaces into learning sites.
  4. Promote a strong, independent and diverse cultural sector that can sustain intercultural dialogue.
  5. Promote scientific research to understand the world, improve people’s lives and stimulate innovation.
  6. Promote design processes, thinking and tools, understanding the needs, emotions, aspirations and abilities of users.
  7. Support business innovation that contributes to prosperity and sustainability.

Video Gallery: Innovation and Creativity in Europe

February 26, 2010

Have a look at the videos produced to document the highlights of the 2009 European Year of Creativity and Innovation at!

Shape the future of European education and lifelong learning!

June 9, 2009

“Is it time to increase focus on learning processes and attitudes?”
“How to ensure that assessment supports learning?”
“Shall bring informal learning into the policy spectrum?”

The Learnovation 24 statements are online for voting: take 10 minutes and contribute to the consultation on the future priorities to increase creativity and innovation in European lifelong learning setting.

The statements are available here: Consultation: the Learnovation imperatives for change.

Thanks for your participation!

27 May, Brussels: Learnovation Open Forum

April 9, 2009

Learnovation Open Forum, 27th May, Brussels: an agenda for change in Education and Lifelong learning beyond 2010 proposed in Brussels

The Learnovation Open Forum entitled “Removing the barriers to creativity and innovation? Listening to stakeholders’ voice”, was held on 27 May 2009 in Brussels, gathering the main European networks in the field of innovation and ICT for Education and Training. This event was organised by the Learnovation Roundtable with the support of the European Commission as a contribution to the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, and resulted in the launch of the “10 imperatives for change” to make European education and lifelong learning a lever for innovation.

More and more observers are claiming that, despite the attention given by EU policy makers to creativity and innovation, as testified by the fact that he year 2009 has been dedicated to these issues, education and training systems are not facilitating enough the emergence of creative skills and attitudes but rather are often hindering their potential.

Given the importance of this issue for the Lisbon Agenda and for a new citizens-centred development of the European Union, the Learnovation Roundtable ( has organised a conference aimed to explore what are the expectations and concerns of the different stakeholders in relation to barriers to creativity and innovation for learning, with a special attention to ICT use.

The conference counted with the participation of prestigious speakers, such as Ms. Odile Quintin, Director General for Education, Training, Culture, Youth (European Commission), Mr. Roberto Carneiro, former Minister of Education of Portugal (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) and Mr. Karlheinz Brandenburg (Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology), ambassador of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation and one of the fathers of mp3 technology.

During the event, a list of priorities for action was discussed by more than 90 participants and “10 imperatives for change” were produced, that will be proposed to relevant EU and national policy makers and will represent the starting point of a broad societal consultation on the desired future of European education and lifelong learning.

Learnovations Reports available for download!

March 9, 2009

“ICT, Lifelong Learning and Innovation” reports analyse innovation paradigms within different formal and informal learning contexts. Six of these 12 reports are now published and available for download.

Please download the reports.

Policy documents and papers on learning and innovation

October 20, 2008

The LEARNOVATION Stakeholder Roundtable is working on commenting the following policy documents:

“Migration & mobility: challenges and opportunities for EU education systems”
“Schools for the 21st century”
“E-skills for the 21st Century: Fostering Competitiveness, Growth and Jobs”
“Communication on the year of Creativity and Innovation

Second Learnovation Stakeholders Roundtable Seminar

October 20, 2008

The Second Learnovation Stakeholders Roundtable Seminar took place on Thursday the 6th of November in Brussels, with the presence of the nine networks supporting Learnovation, plus represenatives from the European Commission, from the Austrian and Slovenian Representations in Brussels and from other actors and networks active in the field.

The seminar was the moment to make the point on the advances of the Learnovation work and to present and discuss them, especially in support of the 2009 Year of Creativity and Innovation.

The results of the Seminar will pe published soon.